The Orchard Organisation , BRC Agents and Brokers certified, again …

As a BRC Consultant I measure years in terms of BRC audit dates; and I have just had another memorable anniversary. The Orchard Organisation have retained their BRC Agents and Brokers certification with even less non-conformance’s than last year.

BRC Agents and Brokers Certified

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It’s great to work intensively with a business for several months and help them achieve BRC accreditation for the first time. But it’s even more satisfying to support a company over the following years and watch them manage their own food safety and quality management system.
The Orchard Organisation have done a fantastic job to build upon last year’s success and continue to develop and maintain a robust Food Safety and Quality Management System.site_icon


Food Fix work throughout the UK to provide BRC consultancy to food manufacturers , storage and distribution companies and agents and brokers. Ian Trevor, Managing Director, is a BRC Registered Consultant for all food-related standards.


Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantIf your Food, Storage and Distribution or Agents and Brokers company needs some BRC support or you want to learn more about the BRC process we are here to help. We specialise in helping companies that haven’t had any involvement in BRC systems before.

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