Double A Kebab get BRC AA again – a double for Double A!

Double A Kebab get BRC top marks for two consecutive years.

Double A KebabDouble A Kebab have done it again!
This is the second year that Double A Kebab have achieved a BRC Food standard AA grade.
Double A Kebab are meat manufacturers based in Mansfield. They had their first BRC audit three years ago and for the last two years have achieved a BRC AA grade.

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Following this year’s amazing result, the Operations Manager Martyn Hayward said, “we knew that our performance in 2017 had been a brilliant success, but the team were determined to repeat the feat in 2018. We were fully committed to 52 weeks of concerted effort to try and get even better and this has paid dividends by achieving our marvellous AA grade”.

Food Fix client

Double A Kebab have been supported by Food Fix a food safety consultancy led by Ian Trevor, a BRC Registered Consultant. Food Fix have been established for 15 years and focus on BRC consultancy.

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantIan Trevor is a BRC Registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Food FixBrokers standards.
Double A Kebab manufacture and wide range of kebab, burger and other meat products from purpose-built premises. Martyn added, “After such a great performance over the last few years we aren’t resting on our laurels. BRC Food issue 8 is firmly in our sights. We know that it will be hard, but we are going to work towards achieving another great outcome in 2019”.

Food Fix support food businesses that need help to be BRC compliant. If you would like to talk about how we could get involved please get in touch.
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BRC Storage and Distribution – another BRC AA

Robsons of Spalding BRC AA (again)

Robsons of Spalding

A few weeks ago Robsons of Spalding had their 2nd BRC Storage and Distribution audit. Pleasingly they achieved even less non-conformances than the previous year to retain their BRC AA grade.


Initial BRC audits are assessed against the previous 13 weeks records. For a second audit the site needs to be prepared for the auditor to challenge the systems, procedures and records from the previous 52 weeks. Robsons of Spalding not only demonstrated that they had maintained the fantastic achievement of a BRC AA certificate for the first audit, they also showed continuous improvement with less non-conformances than the previous year.

Robsons of Spalding are based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and specialise in chilled and frozen distribution throughout the UK. The site has a BRC-compliant cross-dock facility to allow load consolidation under temperature controlled conditions.

If you need temperature controlled distribution Robsons of Spalding would love to hear from you, find more information here.

BRC Registered Consultant

Food Fix have supported Robsons of Spalding for nearly 3 years.

Ian Trevor, Food Fix Managing Director, has been a member of the BRC Registered Consultants list for the last 5 years and specialises on BRC consultancy work throughout the UK.Ian Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant

Ian was a BRC auditor for 8 years and has academic and professional training which is at least equivalent to that of  your BRC auditor. This includes maintaining BRC competency for the BRC Food, Storage and Distribution and Agent and Brokers Standards.

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The Orchard Organisation do it again – this time BRC AA!

The Orchard Organisation are celebrating after a fantastic BRC Agents and Brokers Standard audit performance.

BRC Agents and Brokers AA Certified

The Orchard Organisation’s 3rd BRC Agents and Brokers audit was held against issue 2 of the BRC Agents and Brokers Standard. The updated standard included lots of new requirements. Nevertheless the site achieved the highest possible grade of AA.


The Orchard Organisation source fruit products such as juice’s, purees and essences from around the world and supply throughout Europe from their office in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.

To find out more about The Orchard Organisation click here.

Another Food Fix client gets top marks

Food Fix have worked with The Orchard Organisation for the last 3 ½ years. We are delighted to be part of the team that performed so well against the new issue of the BRC Agents and Brokers Standard.

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant


Ian Trevor, Managing Director of Food Fix, focuses on delivering and maintaining BRC accreditation for Food, Agents and Brokers and Storage and Distribution Companies.

Ian is one of only 3 BRC Registered Consultants in the UK that have been recognised by BRC Standards to provide BRC consultancy for the Food, Agents and Brokers and Storage and Distribution Standards.Food Fix

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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety – issue 8

With the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety issue 8 just around the corner I have been looking at some of the changes suggested in the consultation draft. This type of document is subject to change, but it’s a great chance to see what might be coming down the tracks, and even to help to shape the new standard with your own comments. I have given a link at the bottom of this post to the full consultation document to find your own highlights!

Issue 8 timeline

31st December 20017 – deadline for feedback

January 2018 – Standard wording finalised

August 2018 – Standard published

October 2018 – Standard training starts

February 2019 – Audits commence

New clauses

One of the biggest changes are two new clauses!

Previously requirements for High Risk, High Care and Ambient High Care have been spread throughout the standard. These have been extracted from various sections of issue 7 and these requirements now have their own section; section 8.

Extra requirements in the consultation document include consideration given to the potential for cross contamination for handling waste in Ambient High Care, High Care and High Risk areas.

Traded Goods which is a separate voluntary module in issue 7 will now be section 9. This might not seem like a big change although it’s now got the potential to affect a sites audit grade. For BRC Food issue 7 any non-conformance against the Traded Goods voluntary module didn’t get counted for the letter grade – non-conformance in section 9 will be counted against the overall grade! If a site gets 10 minor non-conformances against clauses 1-8 and a non-conformance against clause 9 this would be grade B, under issue 7 the non-conformance gained against the Traded Goods voluntary module wouldn’t be counted and the site would get a grade A.

Some examples of other proposed new requirements

  • The business will need to have a strategic plan for Food Culture, and a whistle-blowing system.
  • The proposed whistle-blower clause has requirements to maintain the confidentiality of complainants, clearly communicate the contact details for the scheme, and also have a procedure to investigate and record any actions taken.
  • If the site miss-uses the BRC logo this may lead to a non-conformance. Miss-use of the logo has always been prohibited, but not directly linked to a non-conformance against the standard.
  • Consultants are now explicitly deemed to be a Supplier of Services. This means that the credentials of consultants helping with the implementation of a BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System will need to be vetted to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • Cyber-security must be considered as part of the Management of incidents, product withdrawal and product recall system.
  • Raw material packaging removal procedures now required – presumably aimed at reducing the incidence of foreign body contamination in finished product.
  • Pens explicitly need to be suitable for the application, such as metal detectable. “Factory pens” have been common place for many years, and it’s now proposed as a mandatory requirement.
  • New clause for environmental monitoring. This adds more detail to establish monitoring systems, when these should be reviewed and how results should be used to improve operational standards.
  • New clauses added to specifically target pet food.
  • Cooking instructions will need to be fully validated. This may lead to extra requirements to verify the accuracy of cookers.
  • Procedures required for testing checkweighers.

There are proposed changes to announced and unannounced audit types. Sites can still opt for announced or unannounced audits however the Option 2 unannounced audit, the split audit, has been removed for Issue 8.

These are a few of the more significant changes being suggested for the new BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, issue 8. There are a lot of changes, although sites that are already working with the UK’s largest retailers will be quite familiar with lots of these extra requirements.

If you would like to read through the full consultation document a copy can be downloaded from here.

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant

Ian Trevor is a BRC Registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers standards. If you need some help with your BRC project contact Ian via email at or telephone 01775 729245.

BRC Agents and Brokers issue 2 course passed!

Ian has passed the BRC Agents and Brokers issue 1 to issue 2 conversion course (94%)!


To be added to the BRC Registered Consultant database there are lots of requirements, but one that is essential is being trained against the right standard. This means that Ian, as a BRC registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers Standards needs to pass each auditor exam for each standard.

Last year he passed the Storage and Distribution Standard, and this year the new Agents and Brokers Standard. Not only must the course be passed, but each time BRC issues a new version the conversion course must also be attended and the exam passed.

BRC Registered Consultant

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantBRC Registered Consultants have the same training as a BRC auditors. But, in addition to training, a BRC Registered Consultant must also have a track-record of successful consultancy which is checked as part of the BRC vetting process.

If you would like a consultant that focuses on BRC who has clients that have successful audits against the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers standards year after year get in touch!