BRC Agents and Brokers issue 2 course passed!

Ian has passed the BRC Agents and Brokers issue 1 to issue 2 conversion course (94%)!


To be added to the BRC Registered Consultant database there are lots of requirements, but one that is essential is being trained against the right standard. This means that Ian, as a BRC registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers Standards needs to pass each auditor exam for each standard.

Last year he passed the Storage and Distribution Standard, and this year the new Agents and Brokers Standard. Not only must the course be passed, but each time BRC issues a new version the conversion course must also be attended and the exam passed.

BRC Registered Consultant

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantBRC Registered Consultants have the same training as a BRC auditors. But, in addition to training, a BRC Registered Consultant must also have a track-record of successful consultancy which is checked as part of the BRC vetting process.

If you would like a consultant that focuses on BRC who has clients that have successful audits against the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers standards year after year get in touch!




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