What’s a BRCGS Consultant?

As everyone probably knows BRC has changed it’s name – it’s now BRCGS. As part of the re-branding exercise BRC Registered Consultants are now called BRCGS Consultants.

This is what BRCGS says about a BRCGS Consultant, “Consultants are a link between BRCGS and manufacturing sites, and they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve and maintain your certification.”

To become a BRCGS Consultant BRCGS have the following criteria:

  • Rigorous background checks to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge.
  • The completion of BRCGS training on requirements and auditing.
  • Education to degree level in the relevant sector of the Global Standard.
  • A minimum of five years’ sector experience.

These skills separate a BRCGS Consultant from a consultant that works on BRCGS standards; only a BRCGS Consultant is recognised as an expert by the scheme owner.

If your company would benefit from BRCGS consultancy then work with a BRCGS Consultant. If the consultant isn’t on this Consultant database they aren’t approved by BRCGS.

Ian Trevor has been Managing Director of Food Fix for 16 years, and a BRCGS Consultant for 6 years. Ian provides BRCGS support for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers standards. If you have a BRCGS related question get in touch.

Email: ian@foodfix.co.uk

Web: http://www.foodfix.co.uk/

BRCGS Approved Consultant – Good start to 2019!

Food Fix have been busy for the first six months of 2019. Since January four clients have had audits against BRCGS standards; all have Food Fixreceived the highest grade of AA.

Three audits have been against the Agents and Brokers standard for brilliant companies that trade poultry, fruit and vegetables and fruit juices and purees. Our fourth BRCGS AA grade was for a fantastic Storage and Distribution company delivering chilled food to national retailers.

Food Fix works with a small number of clients to help them achieve, and maintain BRCGS certification. We focus on BRCGS certification for the food, storage and distribution and agents and brokers standards. We have three BRCGS audits during the early Autumn and plan to help maintain two client AA grade’s and help another client do well in their first audit.

Ian Trevor, Food Fix Managing Director, is a BRCGS consultant for all three key BRCGS food related standards. If you need a consultant to help with your BRCGS project only consultants that appear on the BRCGS website are BRCGS approved. Find your BRCGS approved consultant here.

If your consultant isn’t on the BRCGS list they haven’t been vetted by BRCGS.

Vetting includes checking references for previous BRCGS projects, confirming that the consultant has a long history of working with BRCGS standards and has a relevant training history against BRCGS requirements.


Did you realise that BRC has changed to BRCGS!

The new acronym stands for, “Brand Recognition through Compliance Global Standards”. I know, bit of a mouth-full!

This also means that any logos you are using on websites or letterheads can be updated – click here for the link.

Food Fix are always available for a chat to discuss your BRC project you can email on ian@foodfix.co.uk or call 01775 729245

Butterfly Poultry BRC AA

Butterfly PoultryButterfly Poultry have done it again – another fantastic BRC Agents and Brokers audit result. 

The January audit anniversary date meant that Butterfly Poultry have had their first audit to the tougher issue 2 standard. True to form this fantastic business achieved a BRC Agents and Brokers AA grade. The best possible outcome!






Butterfly Poultry buy and sell meat, poultry and game from Europe and the UK and sell Worldwide.  BRC certification gives their customers the reassurance that the Food Safety and Quality Management Systems are industry leading.

Butterfly Poultry have used Food Fix as their Food Safety Consultants for the last 3 years. Every BRC audit has resulted in a good outcome.


Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantBRC Registered Consultant

Food Fix is run by Ian Trevor, a BRC Registered Consultant. This is the sixth year that Ian has been recognised by BRC as an expert in the BRC Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers Standards. Ian is the only BRC Registered Consultant that is Registered by BRC for all three food related standards.

Every Food Fix client, across all three BRC standards, has a BRC AA grade.

If you would like to discuss your BRC project contact ian at ian@foodfix.co.uk


Another BRC AA grade!

Autumn is a busy time for Food Fix; 2nd BRC audit in 4 weeks!

George Abrahams Trading – BRC Agents and Brokers AA Grade!

For the 4th year George Abrahams Trading have achieved the highest possible BRC Agents and Brokers grade. This year, with the introduction of a new standard, the site has achieved a AA. This was even more satisfying as the BRC auditor was being shadowed by a UKAS auditor. The auditor was being audited while auditing George Abrahams Trading!

George Abrahams Trading are meat traders based in Smithfield Market, London. They purchase meat from around the world, and sell into the UK and Europe. George Abrahams Trading work with exceptional suppliers and have developed a network of professional distribution, storage and shipping agent companies to provide an excellent customer service.

BRC Registered ConsultantsIan Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant

Food Fix have provided food safely consultancy for George Abrahams Trading for over 4 years. Ian Trevor, the Managing Director of Food Fix, is a BRC Registered Consultant providing support for BRC food, storage and distribution and agent and Brokers.

He has worked in the food industry for 30 years. 15 years in food safety roles for large food manufacturing businesses. Followed by 10 years working as an auditor for Certification Bodies undertaking BRC audits and assessments for UK retailers. Ian has most recently focused on consultancy and became a BRC Registered Consultant in 2013.


If you would like some help with your BRC project call on 01775 729245, email Ian at ian@foodfix.co.uk or visit our website www.foodfix.co.uk