Double A Kebab get BRC AA

Double A KebabBRC AA grade for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is usually an achievement reserved for huge food manufacturers with large Technical teams. This makes it a magnificent triumph for Double A Kebab from Mansfield to achieve BRC AA grade.

That’s right; Double A Kebab get BRC AA!


Double A Kebab have worked remarkably hard over the last 2 years to develop a food manufacturing business that is as good as any and better than most. The company has invested heavily to make the factory an industry leading facility that focuses not only in manufacturing the UK’s greatest doner kebabs, but also a wide range of ready to cook meat products.

The food safety team has been strengthened which coupled with a comprehensive staff training scheme leads to a great factory been led by an amazing team.

Food Fix have worked with Double A Kebab since they decided to become BRC certified. 2 years later the site has achieved an initial audit of BRC grade A and a second audit of grade AA.site_icon

Double A Kebab are a remarkable company manufacturing the highest quality meat products for customers throughout Europe. Food Fix are proud to be associated with such a great business and look forward to helping them to continue the success story!

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantFood Fix focus on BRC consultancy. Ian Trevor, the Managing Director, is a BRC Registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers Standards. If you need BRC certification let us know how we can help.

The Orchard Organisation , BRC Agents and Brokers certified, again …

As a BRC Consultant I measure years in terms of BRC audit dates; and I have just had another memorable anniversary. The Orchard Organisation have retained their BRC Agents and Brokers certification with even less non-conformance’s than last year.

BRC Agents and Brokers Certified

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It’s great to work intensively with a business for several months and help them achieve BRC accreditation for the first time. But it’s even more satisfying to support a company over the following years and watch them manage their own food safety and quality management system.
The Orchard Organisation have done a fantastic job to build upon last year’s success and continue to develop and maintain a robust Food Safety and Quality Management System.site_icon


Food Fix work throughout the UK to provide BRC consultancy to food manufacturers , storage and distribution companies and agents and brokers. Ian Trevor, Managing Director, is a BRC Registered Consultant for all food-related standards.


Ian Trevor - BRC Registered ConsultantIf your Food, Storage and Distribution or Agents and Brokers company needs some BRC support or you want to learn more about the BRC process we are here to help. We specialise in helping companies that haven’t had any involvement in BRC systems before.

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Robsons of Spalding – BRC Storage and Distribution AA Certified


Robsons of Spalding had a great result confirmed recently when they received their BRC Storage and Distribution certificate. Not only did it go well, they performed at a level which makes them as good as anyone and better than most.

Robsons of Spalding achieved a AA grade against the BRC standard at their first audit.


BRC Global Standards started to audit against issue 3 of the Storage and Distribution standard during February 2017. Robsons of Spalding are one of the first companies to achieve the new grade of AA against the more robust requirements of the new standard.

brc cert


The BRC Storage and Distribution Standard is a GFSI benchmarked, internationally recognised, certification for storage and distribution companies.

It is closely linked to the BRC Food Safety and Agents and Brokers standards, which include references to the Storage and Distribution Standard as a mechanism to demonstrate the competence of the supply chain. Companies that have gained BRC certification are subjected to independent expert scrutiny from a Certification Body which gives a BRC certificate the credibility demanded by manufacturers, agents and brokers, and retailers worldwide.brc1-e1462983952173

Robsons of Spalding can now support an excellent reputation within the Storage and Distribution industry with independent corroboration that they are a world class professional business operating at a level that is purely aspirational for many other similar operations.

Robsons of Spalding operate throughout the UK undertaking chilled and frozen deliveries to any location including Regional Distribution Centres for the UK’s largest retailers. If you would like to contact Robsons of Spalding to discuss your distribution requirements call them on 01775 725123 or check out the website



Ian Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant

Robsons of Spalding are a Food Fix client. The Managing Director of Food Fix, Ian Trevor, is one of only two consultants (June 2017) in the UK that have been approved by the BRC Global Standards as a BRC Registered Consultant in Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers standards.

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All Food Fix clients have grade A, AA or certified (highest grade for the Agents and Brokers standard). If you would like some help with your BRC project please contact us.



New BRC Agents and Brokers standard

BRC Agents and Brokers issue 2 is just around the corner with the publication last week of a draft version for industry comment. As could be expected the proposed new version will probably include lots of the requirements already in the BRC Food standard.

Changes are evident in many clauses such as HACCP, Internal Audit, as well as new clauses for Management of Surplus Stock and FSMA Preventative Controls aimed at the USA market.

The biggest changes, and those that will impact Agents and Brokers the most, relate to the approval of product suppliers and the control and risk assessment of Storage and Distribution service providers.

BRC Agents and Brokers using non-GFSI certified Agents and Brokers

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Where BRC Agents and Brokers use non-GFSI certified (i.e. BRC) Agents and Brokers as part of their supply chain the BRC Agents and Brokers office must have systems in place to independently approve the manufacturing site. So, dependent upon the Supplier Approval Procedure for the BRC Agents and Brokers business, this could mean that a copy of the manufacturers BRC Certificate and Report may be required, a physical supplier audit may be needed or if the site is low risk a Supplier Approval Questionnaire should be completed by the manufacturer NOT just the suppliers Agent. The draft BRC Agents and Brokers standard also requires that certified sites have a contract or formal agreement in place with each supplier which mandates the supplier to inform the Agent and Broker if there are any significant changes to the suppliers status, such as any change in certification.

Extra controls for distribution and storage suppliers to BRC Agents and Brokers

The requirements for service providers, such as storage and distribution companies, could also change. The proposed amendment to this clause includes specific contractual controls for service providers to ensure the integrity of the whole supply chain. This means where the supply chain includes the use of pallet exchange schemes, groupage transport or 3rd party storage facilities this should be defined and agreed in a contract with the service provider.

A further change that relates to the supply chain can be found in the Traceability clause. The current requirement is that the traceability system needs to be tested at least once per year. The proposed amendment includes a requirement for traceability tests to be undertaken for each type of supply route. For example if an Agent and Broker imports containers from China, purchases product from Europe which is delivered directly to European customers and delivers individual pallets via a distribution network in the UK this may lead to a requirement for 3 different traceability studies.

Changes to audit protocol

Proposed changes to the audit protocol has also been identified which includes the provision for unannounced audits and the grading scheme will change to include the AA, A, B, C and Not Certified. This falls in line with the BRC Food and Storage and Distribution schemes which, in effect, tighten the requirements to get a “Good” grade. The current system has the highest level of Approval as less than 2 major and 10 minor non-conformances, whereas the proposed new issue this would give the site a Grade B.

Ian Trevor - BRC BRC Agents and Brokers Registered ConsultantThese are some of the big proposed changes to the BRC Agents and Brokers standard although there are many phraseology changes which will need to be carefully examined when the final version is issued ready for implementation and audit against the new standard in February 2018.


If you would like a copy of the new draft standard a copy can be downloaded from here, and if you would like to have an input and comment on the draft document a form can be downloaded here.

Ian Trevor is the Managing Director of Food Fix, and a BRC Registered Consultant for the Agents and Brokers, Storage and Distribution and Food standards. If you would like some help with BRC related projects please get in touch.

Butterfly Poultry BRC accredited!

Congratulations Butterfly Poultry after all the hard work your BRC certificate was issued today.

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BRC Consultant

This is the fifth business that Food Fix has helped to transition into the BRC Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers schemes in he last 8 months. The lead consultant, Ian Trevor,  is a BRC Registered Consultant for the Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers Standards.

Ian Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant


If you would like to move your business from non-BRC into the BRC system get in touch.




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