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The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, issue 7, has been audited against for just over a year now. It has had a big affect on the BRC Agents and Brokers standard. The manufacturing sites are probably, on the whole, comfortable with the standard and have completed making any amendments required to comply with any new requirements.

One change, however, that may have alluded some sites is the application of clause This clause was phased in for the first year, although from 1st July 2016 it is now implemented in a more strict manner.

A new version of position statement, “F7 081 – Phased introduction of clause (issue 7)” has been published. It lays out in very clear terms what is and is not required to fully meet the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety clause, and in particular what information is expected from Agents and Brokers.


This clause was only partially implemented for the first year of the standard which allowed agents and brokers time to develop appropriate systems and procedures. The Position Statement has been re-issued and now in crystal-clear terms describes what food manufacturers must do to fully comply with this clause. It even helpfully defines what would be a minor and major non-conformance!

Agents and Brokers and BRC clause


Agents and Brokers now need to either be certified to the BRC Agents and Brokers standard, or provide sufficient information to allow their BRC Food certified customers to approve the manufacturer directly via a GFSI certified scheme, such as BRC Global Standards, via a supplier audit or for low risk suppliers via questionnaire.

This can make Agents and Brokers a little nervous to hand over key details for their suppliers – some may try a cut out the middle man!

How to get BRC Agents and Brokers CertifiedIan Trevor - BRC Registered Consultant

3 Years ago Horsegate put Agents and Brokers firmly under the microscope. The BRC Agents and Brokers Standard is gaining traction due to references in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, requirements of customers and Agents and Brokers wanting to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

The BRC have a directory of Registered Consultants that can help businesses achieve the BRC Agents and Brokers standard. If you are interested in achieving BRC certification this is a great place to start for information – here is an example.

Ian Trevor, Food Fix ltd, is a BRC Registered Consultant with 17 years experience working with @BRC_Standards.

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