What is BRC Global Markets?

It may have escaped many peoples’ notice that there is a new kid on the block when a food business wants to get an independent assessment of a businesses food safety; BRC Global Markets. If you have recently undertaken any training for BRC Food issue 7 there is every chance that Global Markets will have been mentioned, although how many of us really understand what it’s all about?

BRC Global MarketsNew slimline BRC Global Markets ?

In a nutshell BRC Global Markets is a slimmed down version of BRC Global Food issue 7, with two levels of “Recognition”; basic and intermediate. The basic level targets those elements of a Food Safety and Quality Management System that are legal requirements, and the intermediate level includes all the requirements of the basic level with some extra requirements of best practice.
BRC have clearly tried hard to make this attractive to smaller food businesses, and in particular they have closely aligned the Global Markets Standard with its big brother, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, issue 7.
One of the biggest advantages of the BRC Global Markets is how the requirements of each standard a re almost identical for the specific, individual requirements, even down to the clause numbers which are the same (have a look at the clause numbering in Global Markets, without a knowledge of the full Food standard it looks mighty strange!).
This means that a small business can have a phased introduction to the BRC family; start with the basic requirements one year, bolt on what’s required for Intermediate recognition the following year, and in year two go for full BRC Food standard.
Next time we will look at what’s in and what’s out of the Global Markets program, in the meantime why not get yourself a copy of the Global Markets Standard from BRC Participate.
Ian Trevor is a BRC Registered Food Safety Consultant and has run Food Fix Ltd for the last 12 years.